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Sheeladevi Multipurpose Society's

Sheeladevi College of Education (B.Ed. College)


Library Introduction

According to Radhakrishnan Library is Heart of Institution. Library Play an Important Role in The Institution They Serve. It Also Help to Development of The Students as Well as All Faculty Members. S. R. Ranganathan Is Known as The Father of Library and Information Science and Given to Five Law of Library Science: 1) Books Are for Use 2) Every Reader His Book 3) Every Book Its Reader 4) Save The Time of The Reader 5) A Library Is a Growing Organism. Ranganathan also gives the Concept of Trinity in Library, A Library is an Institution Consisting of Three Components: Book, Reader and The Staff. Library Builds Collection and Creates Tools to Support Teaching and Learning.

Library of our college has open access to all readers. It also given internet facility. The library has continued to add to it and present it hold 2540 books, periodicals 74, previous year questions paper of RTM Nagpur University and 5 daily Newspaper.

A user-friendly environment has been established in the library. The present Librarian Mrs. Yamini Dafare along with prompt with the library assistant manages the library with prompt and effective online and offline library services.

Librarian’s Desk

Welcome to Sheeladevi college of Education Library. A Library is a Heart of any Institution. It is an integrated part of the college which rove around teaching, research and consultancy.

Sheeladevi College of Education Library is open access that gave students, a freedom to choose and read in higher educations.

Library Collection

Sr. No. Collection Type Quantity

Special collection

  • Encyclopaedia of Education Research
  • Knowledge Encyclopaedia
  • Encyclopaedia of Education
  • Diamond Encyclopaedia of Economics
  • Nature Encyclopaedia
  • Animal Encyclopaedia

Library Services

  • User Orientation Programme at the beginning session
  • OPAC Service
  • M-OPAC Service
  • Reference Service
  • Book Deposit Scheme at (University Exam Time)
  • Library Book Exhibition
  • Free Internet Facility
  • Photocopy of Syllabus
  • RTM Nagpur University Previous year Questions paper set
  • Display of New arrivals

Library Advisory Committee

Sr. No. Name Designation
Dr. Sulekha Sharma
Chairman (Principal)
Dr. Leena Taywade
Dr. Nilima Rindhe
Miss. Awantika Wankhede
Mrs. Yamini Dafare

Library Rules & Regulation

  • Library open for all the user from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. On all the working days.
  • Students are required to show their ID Cards while entering the library, while borrowing books and at any time when requested by the library staff.
  • Students kept their bags in a Property section.
  • Each Student will be permitted to borrow two books for a period of 7 days.
  • Each faculty and staff will be permitted books for a period of 15 days.
  • Reference books, journals & magazines will not be issued.
  • Any documents taken out of the library should be sown to the library staff, before being taking out.
  • The Librarian has the authority to recall a book at any time before its due date.
  • Book marked or written with ink or pencil, torn/pages taken out or defilement in any other from will be taken seriously and the borrower will be penalized. He/she will be required to either replace the book with Rs.50/- towards Technical Processing Fee or pay double the cost of the book.
  • Books lost by the borrowers will have to be reported immediately in writing to the librarian, failing which, fines will keep on accumulating, replace the book within week (7 Days).
  • No texting or talking on Mobile phones.
  • Foods not be allowed inside the library.

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